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In an effort to provide affordable and predictable legal services, Williamson Law is proud to offer competitive flat rate fees for a variety of services including wills & estates and real estate transactions. For legal services that cannot be billed at a flat rate, we strive to provide reasonable rates based on the actual work done on the file. Access to justice is extremely important to us. We're here to work with you.





Our flat rate wills and estates legal fees include the use of our modern estate questionnaires, a pre-drafting conference once we review your questionnaire to ensure we understand your intentions, drafting your legal documents (will, enduring power of attorney, and/or personal directive), and a final meeting to review, explain, and sign the documents. Our flat rate fees work for most situations. However, if the services you're looking for don't fit into our flat rate fee structure, we can chat about it before hand and will try to make something work.



Simple Will, Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive

Individual - $800

Couple (Mirror Will) - $1100

Will only

Individual - $500

Couple (Mirror Will) - $800


Individual - $200

Couple (Mirror Will) - $350

Specific Power of Attorney (i.e. for a property sale)


General Power of Attorney


* Fees are billed before drafting begins. We require half of the fees before we begin drafting. The remaining balance must be paid at the time you sign the documents. We accept cash, cheque, credit card, and Paypal. Please note that a 3% administration fee applies to all credit card payments. GST is charged in addition to the prices above.



Our team takes the time to make sure you know the legal implications of your deal. We are pleased to provide a degree of certainty for your next real estate transaction. We offer competitive, flat rate legal fees for real estate transactions. Other lawyers bill lawyers fees and add disbursements and other costs at the end. We don't. Our clients deserve transparency. We're good at what we do and we are accountable for the fees that we bill. That's why we offer flat rate fees on real estate. We're also equipped to deal with any problems that may arise.

PLEASE NOTE: The provincial government has imposed increases to Land Titles fees as of January 1, 2020. Additional increases have been implemented as of July 2021. While we strive to keep our fees as low as possible, the new fee guide reflects the increased fees imposed by the government and Alberta Land Titles.

Your flat rate legal fee includes the following:


  • Regular disbursements*

  • File administration

  • Courier charges in Calgary**

  • Land title fees to register one title and one mortgage

Some items are not included in our flat fees. Examples of items not covered by our flat fee includes:

  • GST

  • Real property reports

  • Insurance certificates

  • Additional mortgages

  • Additional titles for condos (like parking or storage units)

  • Estoppel certificates

  • Encroachment agreements

  • Relaxation permits

  • Encumbrance downloading and reviews

* Irregular disbursements occasionally arise during real estate transactions and will be discussed with you directly.

** An additional fee may be required for signings outside of Calgary for a signing agent for the area and charges to return the documents to our office.

NOTE: While we make effort to accurately predict legal fees for real property transactions, some items, processes, fees, and/or disbursements may be further required and are not included in our flat fee. Fees are subject to change without notice.



Our fees are based on the value of the property being conveyed. We have assisted clients buying and selling homes all over the province. Our competitive flat rate fees and our attentive, friendly, and personable team always put a smile on their faces.

Under $199,999

Purchase - $1300

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $950

$200,000 to $299,999

Purchase - $1400

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1200

$300,000 to $399,999

Purchase - $1600

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1250

$400,000 to $499,999

Purchase - $1700

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1300

$500,000 to $599,999

Purchase - $1800

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1375

$600,000 to $699,999

Purchase - $1900

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1450

$700,000 to $799,999

Purchase - $2000

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1500

$800,000 to $899,999

Purchase - $2200

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1575

$900,000 to $999,999

Purchase - $2400

Sale - $1200

Refinance - $1650

$1,000,000 and above

Please give us a call for a quote on any high value property in the interim.

Fees are subject to change without notice.



We charge a Contingency Fee for all personal injury cases. A Contingency Fee is a fee based on a percentage portion of an award in a civil litigation case.

  • 25% Contingency Fee is charged for minors

  • 30% Contingency Fee is charged if a case is settled prior to a Statement of Claim being filed

  • 33.5% Contingency Fee is charged in all other cases

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